Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Our last day in Melbourne was spent doing what we do best - National Trusting. We visited Como House which was once out in the bush but now in a well to do Melbourne suburb. A pleasant end to a lovely break.
Had we stayed in Melbourne for New Year we'd be able to choose from at least three firework displays. We hoped we'd see the Wellington display as we flew across the harbour at midnight but instead it was a damp squib - new year celebrations cancelled due to the wind and rain.
Did I mention we went from 28 degrees in Melbourne to only 9 degrees in Wellington. Hmm, not such a good call to get home for the festivities!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Photblogging: going botanical

Dad and Shirley would have been proud that we took in the botanical sights of Melbourne. As much as it was where the venue for the evening's outdoor Shakespeare performance of Midsummer's Night Dream but also provided some inspiration for our plans for our own garden in Kaitoke.

Photoblogging: Melbourne views just got better and better

Sorry if this photoblogging is getting boring but it's hard to capture the beauty of Melbourne without stopping at almost every corner!

Views of the CBD from the southbank

Similar view from the Kings Domain

Longer look from the Shrine of Rememberance on the King's Domain

Photoblogging: a day of culture

On account of the impact of the sun from the Cricket indoor venues were very much in order. There are plenty of cultural sights close to where we were staying we were able to dodge the sun through the trees in Carlton Gardens.

Royal Exhibition Hall built for the International Exhibition, 1880. Not open for viewing which was a real blow as I'd like to have revisited the hall where on my last visit to Melbourne I enjoyed a particularly boozy and floozy conference dinner.

Melbourne Museum - home to thousands of bugs and artifacts and the Ashes Exhibition. Juxtapositioned adjacent to the Exhibition Hall it seems a fitting place for one of the best museums I've ever visited.

What is it about men and boys?! MT's favourite exhibit

Friday, December 29, 2006

Photoblogging: change of plan for day 4

This shows the view we should have been looking at from the MCG towards the city but since the cricket was over we headed off for alternative entertainment.

JT taking in the boats at the new docklands area

View of the CBD and the other stadium in Melbourne, sponsored by a rival telecom firm we don't speak about!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Photoblogging: a day at the cricket

It's hard to convey to excitement of being part of a crowd of over 80,000 people and the misery of seeing the demise of England's finest cricketers. The barmy army kept us entertained until MT got sun burned and that brought on new depths of despair. It didn't help knowing that our ticket for the next day's play was worthless as the match was over in just three days. Wouldn't have missed it for the world though to be part of such a sporting occasion.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Photoblogging: Melbourne sights

View from hotel at night

MT in conversation with the locals in Treasury Gardens

Free tram that trundles around the CBD making it easy to get to all the sights across the city

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Melbourne Christmas

At 4am we started Christmas part two to get to the airport to fly to Melbourne. Luckily it's only 20 minute drive to the airport and with no parking or traffic hassles to contend with we were on our way around 0630. Our hopes for a hot Boxing Day were dashed by a southerly blowing through Melbourne but at least it was around 19 degrees with prospects of getting warmer.

The Boxing Day sales were in full swing in Melbourne so we braved the crowds to get some instant retail therapy. Also, was able to take in the Christmas and not so Christmasy sights.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Kiwi Christmas

Christmas kiwi style, like pretty much much else here, is a low key affair. Certainly the shops don't get angsty and over the top with the commercial push and since there is a pull in many households as whether to go traditional or not the food shops have schizophrenia.
We've enjoyed traditional with the First family which was a lovely way to be amongst our new whanau. I have to admit to a small panic when charged with the responsibility for desserts we couldn't find a Christmas pud as a suitable alternative to the anglo/italian trifle speciality of MT. All turned out well in the end and we were as stuffed as you ever are after Christmas dinner.

There is no doubt though that the key missing ingredient this year was family who are enjoying their festivities 13 hours behind us back in Europe. It's been great catching up and exchanging Christmas wishes by phone. For all those family readers - we miss you lots!

As always MT and I are spoiled with lots of lovely presents which we put under our poinsettia plant as we haven't a tree this year. Look forward to enjoying them over the next couple of weeks off work. I was especially spoiled and am now the proud owner of a shiny silver iPod which will come in handy for listening to on my cross trainer when I have to do double time to work off the Christmas excesses!

Happy Christmas to all - and thanks so much for the cards, pressies, texts and emails.

Friday, December 22, 2006

38 weeks to being a domestic-executive

Although maths is not my strong point there is a reason for me rapidly increasing the countdown to being a domestic executive to only 38 weeks. This is because I now have two glorious weeks away from the office - yeh....!

By about Tuesday this week I started to seize up and brain function was slowing to almost no existent pace. As the kiwis say - "I was over it !".

This sloth like behaviour has not been isolated to me. Most of my colleagues and friends were feeling the strain too. The general consensus is that it has been a busy year but people are more tired because the weather has been so lousy that the usual Spring like behaviours have been missing and its just been one long winter.

There is no doubt that the last three months have proved to me that I am truly over being a senior executive and my instincts have been right all along. I'll be ready after the rest to plough on with what I've been employed to do but with house and home plans shaping I can feel my focus shifting to a place I'd rather be. At home working as much as possible.

Still, not got to think about work for the next 2 (well actually 2 weeks and 2 days) so I shall set the Ministry to the back of my mind and concentrate on having fun!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Countdown to being a domestic executive: 40 weeks to go

I could make lots of excuses about why I've not been blogging but best to be truthful and say things are a bit normal - in other words not very interesting to my average reader.

The festive break won't come soon enough - I'm tired and need a rest. This executive-domestic is all worn out. Perhaps I am taking my lead from the English cricket team!

The most exciting thing that happened all week was being woken up at 5am by some person from Telecom who wanted to tell MT that the overnight changes to the mobile billing system didn't work. To say I wasn't best pleased would probably be an understatement - and after the cuffufel all that was needed was them to press the big red reset button to reboot the system. Shame that they couldn't do that working on their own initiative but needed to escalate such a decision to the lofty heights of MT and disturb my beauty sleep in the process.

There are lots of things to look forward to so its my goal to see through the next five days in a more optimistic way and benefit from the sun which is starting to put it's hat on most days and light up Wellington.

Still, another week has passed to reaching my goal - blog readers you would have been proud of me to have avoided the pressure this week to extend my contract where I am working. No fear I said I've got a domestic-executive appointment to keep!

Here's a pic of a certain young lady clearly on a similarly important mission!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Post party blues

After the excitement of partying last week I was looking forward to a few quiet days to prepare myself for the holidays looming. Trouble is, I think I've slowed down too quickly and now struggling to get going at all.

At first I thought it must just be an age thing and adjusting to the southern hemisphere seasons but talking to a few people today made me realise that it's just because my batteries are flat. It's been over 4 months since MT and I had a proper holiday and that is falling behind our usual pattern of not going more than three months for a break. In thinking about all this it's made us realise how big a year we've had!

The fact we've sold our home, brought our chattels to the other side of the world, left behind family and friends, had to start new jobs and put up with months of anguish about land buying and house building has simply been absorbed and I think we are both now starting to feel the pain a little.

Still, no time to dwell on such matters - still got the Christmas shopping to finish, find a landscape architect and complete another 10 days in the office before we can finally relent. With 2.5 weeks of work over Christmas it will be plenty of time to recharge the batteries and then we'll return to being at peace with the world again. Well we might do if England do better at the Cricket!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Countdown to being a domestic executive: 41 weeks to go

The fact that we've now exchanged contracts on the land on Kaitoke Loop Road and told the vendor of the other land to take a hike the whole domestic executive thing is becoming more real. Put together with another week passing in a flash I can see that time is going to motor on in the next year.

This week really has been party time and I'm not sure that I can be the party girl now, at least not for several nights in the row. It's been full on at work with event after event culminating in the staff Christmas party where over 500 people boogied away to the staff band.

It was a fabulous occasion with a good atmosphere which made the earlier escapade this week a dim memory. On Wednesday we only had sold 150 tickets out of a potential of 2500 people on national office campus. I had to get my folks to down tools and don santa hats, reindeer antlers and other Christmas paraphenalia and walk the floors twisting every arm to buy tickets.

Fortuantly the sales drive worked in the end although I was still pretty pessimistic part way through the day when my guys were returning to the office having only sold one or two each. Word must have got round or we just started to hit the party animal floors because all of a sudden sellers were returning (after being missing for hours) with sales of 50, 70 and finally 90.

All in all it was a fantastic team effort and the communications team came to the rescue. It was touch and go with the boss who was threatening to cancel if we didn't get numbers above 400. All's well that ends well. And, at least I won't have this worry next year!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Stop press: progress at last

Hot off the press, we've just got word that the first set of paperwork from Land Information New Zealand (affectionately known as LINZ) has arrived and this means we can go unconditional on the purchase of Kaitoke Loop Road. This is the same as exchanging contracts in the UK.

It's fantastic news and another small step towards reaching the dream. The next step is for the final paperwork to be lodged and LINZ to issue land title which will then allow the sale to be settled (same as completion) and we will get the keys to the gate!

At such a relief!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

EJ in Wellington

Did I want to be corporate wife and go to see Elton John? Why not, I said. So we did. Us and about 30,000 others at the Cake Tin.

It was a strange event on a number of counts. Being corporate wife is not something I do often but pleased that MT is getting the good stuff in recognition of his hard work. Being on the same pitch where we went to watch rugby gave a new dimension to being in the stadium. Also, just being at a concert which is not something I've done in a while.

Anyway, EJ played his heart out and was most sincerely folks to the crowd despite the fact that he'd flown in on his private jet and was flying straight back out and wasn't lingering to savour the kiwi hospitality. Remarkably I seemed to know all the lyrics and sang along much to the embarressment of MT. Fortuantly our host was also bopping along so I was on safe ground and not showing myself up (well not much anyway).

Everyone has been raving about what a fantastic event it was - and to be honest it was great. For once it was a pleasant evening and not too cold, the wind died down and the accoustics of the cake tin pretty good. Only problem was it was a school night and after several other party nights this week it was tough getting up this morning.

I don't think it will surprise you much to know that the furniture specially commissioned for EJ's green room back stage is now up for sale on trade me (kiwi = of ebay). Will be interesting to see who's mad enough to cough up for it.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Now don't tell me there's no global warming

I was pretty excited about this at the time but things with the house took over blog space and then I forgot to mention it. Sorry about the delay but here's the evidence that there must be global warming or some other weather phenomena.

Icebergs have been floating off New Zealand for the first time since 1930. They arrived about 3 weeks ago (middle of November) having travelled from Antarctica for the last five years. But, when they reached New Zealand's warmer waters they started to dissolve more rapidly. They'd been moving about two kilometres a day.

The icebergs were visible from the hills of Dunedin on the south of the South Island but as you might expect for some people that wasn't enough. One of the local television stations sent a reporter and cameraman to view the berg; they descended onto the berg and sent the footage and reported from the berg itself.

After that little escapade the berg broke into two pieces and got smaller by the day. The larger of the two icebergs was about 300 metres long and 100 metres high. Tourist flights were plentiful as people clammered to see this unusal sight.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Countdown to being a domestic executive: 42 weeks to go

Many people think that I'll not stay the domestic executive course and do a u-turn on my plans and stay in full time work. After a week like I've had I can continue to plead my case that I've had it will full time corporate executive responsibilities.

There was no single big event that made me reaffirm my plans but simply the build up of lots of little niggly things that overall just serve to remind that even if you change the job, organisation or the country, corporate life if pretty much the same everywhere.

Now I am settling into my desk and people know I am in post the in-tray is piling up and email box is overflowing (no Murray here to lift the lid on the ICT limits!). The difference is now I don't take it home to do on an evening or weekend, what doesn't get done in the office quite simply doesn't get done.

This change of attitude and behaviour is very empowering and somehow the big stuff still gets done and so far noones complained. Not spending time at home on work frees up bags more time for other things - we're back on proper cooking on an evening, I'm keeping up with my emails (mostly) and most of all there is time to spend with whomever I chose.

Next week it's a social whirl with the party season starting to get into swing so just as well my new work policy is in place as I've got too much partying to be done!