Friday, June 20, 2008

All for this!

Today was quite a big day - our residency approval in principle came through. All we need now is a new stamp in our passports and pay our migrant levy and we are home and dry.

We're celebrating with fush n chups and champagne. Hmm.. what a combination!

I took this picture from one of the walks with the dogs this week. It's Kaitoke looking towards the Rimutakas. Not a bad view and probably sums up for me what coming to New Zealand is all about. Being able to walk my bassets in the middle of the day in the middle of nowhere.

It's not everyone's cuppa but you need a compelling reason to live 12,000 miles away from family and friends and this is it for me.


Marrisa said...

And bloody rightly so that is just stunning!! Congrats on your Residency stuff, that's always a fantastic feeling. xx

Sarah said...

Beautiful photograph - makes me want to take a drive out of Wellington to the country (when the roads aren't snow-bound!). Congratulations on your residency - you must feel so very happy and finally settled proper! I'm loving following your blog and the work you are doing on your land is incredible. Best wishes, Sarah x