Saturday, June 21, 2008

All hands and paws for tree planting!

Although a little earlier than I was expecting our second delivery of trees came on Friday. It's been all hands and paws on deck for tree planting as these trees came bare root so there was no time to waste before getting them into the ground.

Given there was 40 to plant I brought in the lovely John from the landscaping firm to dig the holes and help with the planting and staking. He did a sterling job and got us ready for what turned out to be a late in the day delivery.

You just can't do justice photographing the trees as they are simply sticks in the ground. You'll just have to take my word that it's starting to transform the place and give much needed structure to the landscape around the house. I can't wait till spring when they start to come into life. Then I'll be able to share the tree vistas.

Anyway, here's some photoblogging to show our efforts of the last couple of days.

MT taking five after digging holes and planting

Note the difference in pose - me getting stuck in!

Some of the smaller trees lined up for planting in the new area cleared after the gorse harvest

People say that they start to look like their dogs - can you see the resemblance?

Talking about the bassets, you might be wondering what they've been contributing to the horticultural endevours.......

"So what's this hole, can we put our bones in here?"

"Do you mean this hole I'm stuck in?"

"Hmm, much safer just sniffing the breeze"

"You talking to us? We're not doing anything, honest!"

"Nah, I think this hole is better for the bones. He seems better at digging them than her. Closer to the house too!"
We have planted all the trees but they need staking to be protected from the Wellington winds heading our way. Staking trees, that's a whole different story. Tune in bloggers for the next installment!

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Marrisa said...

Well done, looks like you are doing a fantastic job! Your gorgeous doggies look like they are helping too! x