Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Domestic Executive Wardrobe

Becoming a domestic executive has been a reality I've dreamed about for a very long time. It was the house in the country, the bassets, chickens, home grown veg and some useful paid work to keep me in the domestic executive lifestyle.

What I didn't contemplate too hard in this scenario was what a Domestic Executive wardrobe would consist of. Clearly I don't need my executive suits (well only occasionally) and stuff to wear around home needed to be practical and basset proof. So what does the well dressed domestic executive wear?

Well to be honest whatever I've been wearing lately I do a pretty good impression of a bag lady that carries her chattels in a supermarket trolley. It's not that I don't have nice stuff to wear it's just that it's about 3 sizes too big. Over time this has got me more depressed than the time when my clothes got too small for me.

At first I thought this was OK because I was just at home with the dogs and the chickens but just lately I've realised that this physical appearance was starting to bug me, in short I just didn't feel good. Since I'm no longer the "big bird" MT so affectionately calls me I thought it was time to take things in hand and transform my DE wardrobe.

So armed with my trusty friend to steer me through the Wellington shopping experience we prioritised the domestic look today. After a few false starts I'm now re-equipped with new jeans, tees and woolies to last me for some time to come.

I think I must be getting old though, I just don't have the patience for shopping any more. When I saw something I liked, it fitted and wasn't going to break the bank, I had these urges to buy it in all available colours.

Anyway, don't tell MT, it's one of those shopping trips when you need to bring things out over time and when asked "is that new?" you can mutter "oh no, something I've had for a while" which will of course be true (well almost!).

I won't trouble you with a picture of me modeling my new look. Let's just say I'm a mousy brown version of this girl and dazzling the bassets and the chickens with my new look!

Yeah right!

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