Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bright spot amongst the graft and pain

This dinky flower on our Leptosermum Huia was the one bright spot in the garden this weekend. Apart from this is was simply hard graft, rain and lots of pain.

We managed to get the final tree holes dug and planted. Then came the tricky bit to put in the stakes to keep them protected from the Wellington winds. The landscapers recommended Y Shaped Steel Fence Posts, commonly known as Waratahs and we have two for every tree to keep it safe and sound.


Sinking waratahs into the ground is best done with a special Waratah driver. This is a metal gizmo that weighs about 10 kg.

Picture this. 40 trees, two stakes and for every stake is takes around 20 bashes with the 10 kg driver. I don't want to split hairs on the amount of metal I lugged around let's just say my arms were levitating at the end as the muscle memory kicked in and thought that's what my arms were suposed to carry on doing.

Rain stopped play (I mean work) on occasions which made the job harder and more miserable than it might otherwise had been. Looking on the brightside. The trees are in and well watered. Now all I need is some arm rest for the remainder of the week.

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