Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Icy blast heralds winter!

Brr it's been cold and wet today. Nothing new you may be thinking but with snow across the South Island and even on our own Rimutaka Hill I think it's safe to declare winter has arrived.

Tornados were threatened which worried me today as I walked to the Westpac Stadium today to for a Catapult gig espousing the value of values. The walkway to the Stadium is one of the most exposed in Wellington where being blown off your feet (literally) can be your fate if you're unlucky to be caught by a strong gust of wind. I clung to the railings at one point until the wind died down and then tried to walk away looking cool and calm. You never know who might have been watching me struggle in the wind and drizzle.

By the time I got home this afternoon it was full pelt rain and certainly not dog walking weather. It's the chickens I felt most sorry for huddled in their chicken house squat on their roosting rail looking out at the cold and wind. Chickens don't like the damp, a bit like basset hounds and Domestic Executive's really!.

Forecast is to improve whic will mean I can put off any longer some of those outdoor chores I've been avoiding with the icy blast.

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migratingfishswim said...

thanks julie for your comments on my blog

when you say contemporary life, what do you mean? (i'm picturing shopping malls, moccacinos, supermarkets and multiplex cinemas!)

what i want is the outdoors, sunshine, values based on something other than shopping & property prices - so i possibly don't want a contemporary life.

i guess i'm banking on there being interesting things to do in a university town - such as the international students' society and the film club. (i'm thinking hamilton or palmy north)

your thoughts would be really useful!