Thursday, June 05, 2008

Basset blogging: the simple pleasure of a walk

Our basset hounds enjoy the simple pleasures in life. To run and play in the sun is their favourite.

Today was a fine day so I escaped my DE duties and took the bassets down to Tunnel Gully for their daily walkies. They love it there - large open green space for them to romp on with the added bonus of a bush walk that is smelling heaven.

Here's some photo blogging of our adventures.

First you need to sniff every blade grass

Then you have to admire the view - Mason looking very intensely

Since we have all the time in the world, no sense in rushing. Fortnum stutting his stuff!

We can take five too! Mason doing his best regal basset impression.

There's also time for a fight!

And, time to make mischief "I told you she wouldn't like it if we went this way!"

The walking track goes up this bush - all those places to sniff!

Two tired bassets ready for a rest!

Let's make that a snooze!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww...I love those dogs. How true about sniffing each blade of grass. Mine do that too!