Monday, June 23, 2008

Tale of two slippers (part two)

After the arm aching efforts in the garden I was pleased to have some comfort on my feet this weekend. On Saturday my lovely slippers finally arrived from their long journey from the USA.

Regular bloggers will recall how the Tale of Two Slippers started. New readers can catch up here.

It's fair to say that online shopping in the US and shipping to NZ was a bit of an experiment to see if the system worked. I'm pleased to say it does but takes rather longer than you might imagine and doesn't necessarily save you hoards of money.

Fortuantly the slippers themselves were a bargain and it was free shipping in the US. When you add the shipping costs they came out about the same cost if I'd had someone buy them for me in the UK and post them out. At least this way it saved my family and friends from slipper shopping.

Now I have my new Acorns I'm seriously thinking of starting NZ import. I can't believe there aren't kiwis out there who'd like a lovely pair of stylish feet warmers for these winter days and nights.

Fortnum and Mason think that they are really cool. Well actually nice and soft and warm. Idea for them to rest their heads on under the DE desk and snooze a litte. Since Fortnum dribbled on one when sleeping I'm keeping the bassets off my cosy slippers in future!

Would I do it again? Where slippers are concerned, oh yes indeedee! A girl must have her creature comforts! And, I'm sure for those other specialist items you either can't get or are so expensive here in New Zealand.

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