Friday, June 13, 2008

Scaffolding down at last

The scaffolding has finally come down on the neigbours new house. There's been plenty of activity recently so it looks like the final push towards completion.

My heart goes out to Mike and Andrea whose budget ran dry so they are having to do the painting themselves. I've seen them most days this week and I think they are heartly sick of it already and they haven't even finished doing the priming coat. I think it's going to be a real marathon effort for them.

Although I've offerred them the use of our kettle and bathroom so they can avoid the builders portaloo I found myself drawing the line at actually offering to paint for them. The last time I wielded a paintbrush I ended up with RSI so I don't want to fall into that trap again. Mental note to use this excuse for not painting the fence or the chicken house too!

It's strange seeing lights on in the house. If I stretch my neck a lift myself out of my domestic executive HQ chair I can just about see them peaking over the hill. Nice to know that we'll have people close to hand.

As if talking the neighbours wasn't enough of a reminder of our own building experience I was contacted this week by our builders. Not chasing their final final payment (that's a whole different story) but asking me to do some work for them. Not building you'll be pleased to know but helping them get their marketing right. Apparently, I am perfect for their target market "a middle aged woman with money to spend".

Hmm, not sure about the middle aged or the money to spend but at least it might yield some regular work I can do from home. A domestic executive's preferred way of working!

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