Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ouch - that hurts!

By the time I settled to watch the rugby last night my aches and pains from the gorse harvesting were already setting in. My pain was only made worse watching England battle against the all blacks.

Despite the score 37-20 to the ABs, England put up a pretty good fight and had some moments of brilliance. Especially Ojo with his two sprint tries. Strettle also nearly made a try that had he succeeded I reckon would have made it a whole different game.

The thing with the ABs is that you can't let a chink in your game appear as they are then like an unstoppable steam train. As you might imagine the media here are really playing up the result. Here's some photoblogging with kiwi captions.

CHARGE: A rare England attack (Domestic "sporting" Executive says: this is a little harsh it's not like England didn't win any points!)

TAKE THAT: Rodney So'oialo hits hard in defence
(Domestic "sporting" Executive says: ouch I bet that hurt!)

THE NONU EXPRESS: Ma'a Nonu leaves the England defence at sixes and sevens
(Domestic "sporting" Executive says: fair point!)

TIPPING POINT: Conrad Smith scores the All Blacks' first try
(Domestic "sporting" Executive says: this was a pretty cool try and definitely the point at which England started to feel the pain!)

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