Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clear and crisp and freezing

A freezing blast has hit Kaitoke. It was -1 degrees on the car temperature this morning.

The irony is that whilst we're freezing here the ski fields of New Zealand are closed because the weather is not cold enough. Apparently that's set to change this weekend with snow in the high mountains so that the ski season can get underway.

For us living in the hills we need sunshine and nice soft ground. We've got more trees arriving tomorrow and the last thing we need is more freezing temperatures.

Doing my chores this morning was a little more fun than normal with all the frost to admire and see how the chickens and bassets behave in these less hospitable conditions.

As I write this blog the sun is out and the frost is melting from the roof. So good job I've got some photoblogging to remind me of this morning's adventures.

Frost on the lawn

Frost on my majority planting - thistles!

Frost on my Cordyline Australis

Frost on my kiwi hedge and soon to be salad and herb bed

Layered landscapes from frosty grass to native bush

"Morning George!" says Fortnum

Hot breakfast on a cold morning (last night's shepherds pie!)

George - tall and proud

George leading his ladies to the outside world of free ranging

Mason drinking the frost from the fence!

1 comment:

Marrisa said...

We also had a -1 reading that morning! Frost on everything and by the time I said to Bethany 'be careful as the decking is icy' she was already on her back screaming!

Love the photo of the chicken and Fortnum!