Monday, June 09, 2008

Walkies... rain or shine

It's fair to say we've had quite a lot of rain this weekend. Whilst all I wanted to do was hunker down in front of the fire it was only fair that the bassets got their daily walk.

Dressed for the weather in waterproofs and wellies I was certainly enthusiastic for the adventure. Somehow Fortnum and Mason weren't quite as ethusiastic.

At first it was hard to get them off the veranda and then up the drive. They did eventually get the message that walkies were taken rain or shine and we enjoyed a fantastic walk. I was totally overheating as 10 minutes after leaving the rain stopped and the sun came out. You just can't win!

How do you like my outfit boys?

Great start - walking to heel

5 seconds later!

A basset walk out on their walk! We did eventually make it up the drive and along the Rimutaka Trail

Since it was raining we had a cupboard clear out. Here's a selection of the boys toys destroyed and put away for mending. Yeah right!


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Marrisa said...

Oh look at your spam comments!! Like they could have thought of a more obvious name!

We have a fair weather dog! Denver hates the rain and will not do his stuff should it be raining! Honestly, modern day dogs eh?